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  1. Hi am a lecturer , i had a habit of keeping hand under the head while sleeping and used to get cramps due which I used to wakeup in the night but now the problem is solved after using EASY NECK pillow

  2. Hi
    My name is Gopi Kiran. I live in Toronto Canada.
    I know Dr. Bhaskar for almost 15 years. I know his passion and commitment towards helping his patients. He helped me over come my neck and shoulder pain through his therapy in 2007.

    I am happy that Bhaskar developed this specialized product using his experience and research. I started using a regular Easy Neck pillow from summer of 2018. I am extremely happy with the product and I got pillows for my family members too.

    I used to have “stiff neck’ after waking from sleep frequently in the past. Bhaskar’s advise and Easy Neck pillow helped me get rid of that problem.
    This summer(2019) I asked Bhaskar to make a customised pillow for me. I am glad I did that. Now I have better sleep quality and wake up well rested.

    I highly recommend “Easy Neck” to every one that want to get rid of neck and back problems related to sleep, and also to those who want to improve their quality of sleep.


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