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Sleep is one of the most underrated healer of body and mind. Relaxation is the key to healing and rejuvenation. when they are relaxed.

In cases of body and back imbalances, some muscles get continuous strained causing pain ranging from discomforting to debilitating. Massage, muscle sprays are often used as first order relief. Patients with chronic pain, often resign to sub-optimal lives, swinging between physiotherapy schedules and pain episodes.

The key to relief is a two step process:  (1) relax the strained (often traumatically tightened) muscles, and (2) once the muscles are relaxed, then slowly strengthen the muscles.

The problem is usually, once the muscles are relaxed, by massage (deep tissue etc), the improper posture and the body quickly strains the muscles back and the situation does not improve.

What if, we leverage good sleep to relax not just the body and mind in general, but also the targeted muscle groups in  shoulder and neck? The proposition entails a healthy and deep relaxation for about 7-8 hours a day. This will be an order of magnitude higher than the usual 30 minute massage sessions or stretching sessions.

As has been observed, in about 8-10 days of using this technique results in significant relaxation of the strained muscle families in the back, neck and shoulders. This, to a certain extent auto corrects the imbalances in the body posture, which is usually the cause of the strain, that compounds, if unchecked.  The auto correction of the posture, using the targeted sleep technique, helps in reducing the strain of muscles, during the daytime also.

The EasyPillowTM relaxes the muscles in the neck, shoulder and back for the over the duration of the sleep. That is 7-8 hours of relaxation to the strained and stiffened muscles.

It is strongly suggested that once the stiffened muscles mostly relax, that one must complement this daily relaxation with basic strengthening exercises of the muscles groups to gain complete composure and strength.

Disadvantages of Regular pillow:

  •  Regular pillows often tend to sink in some degree
  •  Leads to exaggeration of cervical spine
  •  Leads to excessive stress/strain on neck muscles
  • Sleeping on regular pillow for prolonged period may cause shoulder and neck pain

Advantages of Easy neck pillow:

  • Reduces stress/strain on neck and shoulder
  •  Supports side lying and supine lying
  •  Helps maintain natural alignment of cervical spine
  • Habit of placing the hand underneath the pillow can be conquered

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